Concrete Finishes

Green Umbrella Base Defense

Green Umbrella Base Defense System consisting of mechanically processed (GHP) floor with full refinement. Followed by a two concrete treatments. First, a concrete densifier that fills the voids in the concrete to prevent dusting and increasing the abrasion resistance. Second by a penetrating concrete sealer for protection against staining the concrete surface.

Green Umbrella Max Defense

Concrete Treatments that complement one another; coupled with the proper mechanically ground, honed, and polished floor can create a winning combination for your polished concrete needs.

GreenIce Cure System

Proper curing is a vital step when dealing with a concrete floor. Shortcutting the curing process will have a major impact on the quality of your finished work. An improperly or uncured slab is likely to develop cracks, imperfections and ultimately a substrate with low surface integrity that will be more prone to surface abrasion.

GreenCanvas Concrete

Is a specialty concrete component classified by type based on the chemical mechanism used to obtain expansion in the concrete matrix during the curing process. Structure design, concrete mix design, and placement guidance is provided by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) document ACI 223 “Guide for the Use of Shrinkage Compensating Concrete” and compliance and quality assurance can be measured by standard ASTM tests and procedures.